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Welcome to the Champions’ Project! We’re thrilled to have you join us on this extraordinary journey to create a Virtual City where our imagination knows no bounds! Dive into this interactive cityscape using cutting-edge VR technology. With the help of SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE, you have the opportunity to collaborate with our SOLIDWORKS Champions, Hanen and Rıdvan, in shaping this innovative project.

The purpose of the City and Caravan Project is to promote collaboration and provide a unique and immersive VR experience. In the City Project, users can explore the city, interact with buildings, and navigate floors using elevators. The Caravan Project offers customization options for interiors, enabling users to personalize their living spaces.

By combining these two initiatives, we empower people to come together to build a virtual city and enjoy a tailored experience within it.

We will include many buildings in the city. These buildings will not only represent the brands but will also contain a lot of content. For example, there will be many machines in the Maker Workshop building. You will be able to disassemble and reassemble these machines. In this way, you will be able to learn the steps by which the machines are disassembled and which parts they consist of.  We would also like to say that you will come across many familiar faces while walking around the buildings.

In parallel, the Caravan Project aims to demonstrate the seamless automation of caravans through the power of virtual reality. The Caravan Project allows users to customize the caravan. For example, you will be able to replace the items in the caravan with different items and customize the colors of the items as you wish.

Both projects emphasize collaboration as a key goal, advancing design and technology. With the power of SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE, the products in the project will be carefully designed by the participants. With the power of SimLab, we will bring the project to VR environment and give you a unique experience.

Project Overview:

The project invites global participants residing in diverse countries and cities to engage in the creation of virtual city products. The initiative encourages individuals with a keen interest in 3D design and a collaborative mindset to contribute their expertise.

We will be responsible for the construction of buildings in the Virtual City. 

  • Our meticulous city plan encompasses the design and development of all essential urban elements, including buildings, roads, parks, and various other amenities. This comprehensive approach ensures the creation of a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing virtual environment.
  • In the city, we will integrate Dassault Systèmes, SOLIDWORKS, ENOVIA, and other companies into the realm of 3D design. Furthermore, we will establish a state-of-the-art Maker Workshop, a refined Showroom, and other essential infrastructure to elevate the overall quality of the virtual city experience.

Project Participation Criteria and Registration:

Prospective participants must possess a genuine passion for 3D Design and a strong inclination towards collaboration.

  • Design submissions are welcomed through SOLIDWORKS Cloud and SOLIDWORKS Desktop
  • The design should be your own creation and not taken from sources like GrabCad etc.
  • To express your interest in participating in the project, you need to fill out the form by clicking on the Champions’ Project link.
  • Upon receiving your email, we will promptly provide further instructions outlining the subsequent steps in the application process.
  • It is imperative that all design submissions are received no later than January 15, 2024, adhering to the stipulated deadline.

Project Participants’ Benefits:

  • Global Recognition: Designers’ names and their country’s flag will be displayed on every product in the Virtual City, ensuring international acknowledgment for their work.
  • Prominent Showcase in 3DXW24: A giant screen will feature the names and pictures of all participating designers, offering widespread visibility and recognition for their creative talents.

If you want to have a signature in this great co-operation project, hurry up and grab your seat. 😉 Your contribution will be showcased to Everyone visiting our EDU booth on 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD 2024 in USA.

Design Suggestions for Participants

We will need many things in our virtual city. If you want to show your 3D Modeling skills to the world, this section is for you. You can contribute to the virtual city using SOLIDWORKS Cloud (xDesign, xShape and other xApps) and 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS/SOLIDWORKS Desktop.


For Office (SOLIDWORKS Cloud ”xDesign, xShape and other xApps”)

What furniture would you like to see in your office? Here is an opportunity for you. You can design the furniture or a technological device you want to see in your office. We have listed the items we need in the city and in our Caravan for you.

  • Office Furniture (Computer Table, Keyboard, mouse, headset, chair, computer, screen and etc.)
  • Kitchen Area (Including kitchen utensils and a vending machine)

For Caravan (SOLIDWORKS Cloud (“xDesign, xShape and other xApps”)

What kind of furniture and amenities would you envision inside the camping car? This is your chance to get creative! You can either design the furniture pieces or propose innovative technological devices to enhance the camping experience. We’ve outlined the essential items needed for the caravan below:

  • Kitchen Area (Including kitchen utensils; refrigerator; dining table and chairs;)
  • Furniture (Bed, Pillows, armchair, lamp, ect)

Keep in mind that all the proposed designs should be compact and space-saving to ensure they fit seamlessly within the limited dimensions of the caravan.


For Maker Workshop (SOLIDWORKS Cloud “xDesign, xShape and other xApps” and SOLIDWORKS)

Are you a maker? Then listen to your inner maker spirit and help us design our workshop. Here are some tools needed for our workshop:

  • Machines for the workshop (Saw Machine, Drill, 3D Printer, CNC Router etc.)
  • Mechanical systems for education (Engine, Gearbox, Simple machines)

The designs required for education are intended to teach students about mechanical systems and should consist of components that can be disassembled and assembled.

For Street (SOLIDWORKS Cloud “xDesign, xShape and other xApps”)

As you walk around the city you will see many familiar faces. If you want to take part in urban design, here are some design suggestions that can inspire you:

  • Lamps, Bus Stops…
  • Benches, Ornamental pools, playgrounds, animals and etc.

Do you want to have a say in transportation? Our virtual city needs a subway or buses.

Popular Structures (SOLIDWORKS Cloud “xDesign, xShape etc.” and SOLIDWORKS)

  • Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Pyramids etc buildings


For Showroom (SOLIDWORKS Cloud “xDesign, xShape xDesign, xShape and other xApps” and SOLIDWORKS)

Do you love cars? Who doesn’t! If you want to show the vehicle you have designed to be presented in the showroom, hurry up and send us your model.

  • Sport Car, Antique Car, Motorcycles ..


Reminder ! Don’t Forget to Register

Please, click on the link below to register for the project. Hurry! We have a limited number of seats.

Champions’ Project


  1. Aymen
    19 November 2023

    I am a mechanical engineer, I works as research and development engineer, I have 6year of experience.

    I am very interested about this theme


  2. Ilyas Rouag
    3 December 2023

    Hi, Awesome idea!

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