Festive Christmas Card with SolidWorks 3D Modeling and Visualize 2024
20 December 2023 3 mins to read

Harmony in Design: Leveraging SolidWorks for 3D Modeling and Visualize for Stunning Renderings

In the realm of digital design, SOLIDWORKS, a powerful 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, is renowned for its versatility and precision. While it’s commonly associated with engineering and product design, it can also be a fantastic tool for unleashing your creative side. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use SOLIDWORKS to craft stunning letter designs and unique cards that stand out from the ordinary.

Step 1 : Design Concept

Getting Started Before diving into the design process, make sure you have SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer. Familiarize yourself with the basic tools and interface, as this will significantly ease the design journey.

Step 2 : Sketching and Draftng Ideas

Sketching Your Ideas Start by sketching your letter or card concept on paper. This initial step allows you to visualize your ideas and plan the design. Consider the shape, size, and overall aesthetic you want to achieve.


Step 3 : Start Sketching in SOLIDWORKS

Creating the Base Open SOLIDWORKS and create a new part document. Begin by  of your letter or card. Use tools like lines, arcs, and splines to craft the outline. If you’re designing a card, consider creating a folded model by incorporating a hinge line.


Step 4 : Extruding in SOLIDWORKS

Extruding and Adding Thickness Once your sketch is ready, use the extrude feature to give your design depth. For letters, this step will transform a 2D shape into a 3D object. Adjust the extrusion distance according to your preferences. If you’re designing a card, add thickness to the base to create a solid structure.


Step 5 : Applying Colors and Textures

Applying  Bring your design to life by applying colors and textures. SOLIDWORKS allows you to customize appearances to simulate real-world materials. Experiment with different finishes to achieve the desired look for your letters or cards.

Step 6 : Animation and Textures

SOLIDWORKS Visualize for Animation and Rendering Take your design to the next level by using SOLIDWORKS Visualize for animation and rendering. Create dynamic visualizations and render high-quality images of your letters and cards. Showcase your designs in different scenarios to bring them to life.

Step 7 : GLB and AR

Bring your renders to life and bring them to the AR environment with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Thanks to the GLB file format feature, you can easily embed your rendered model on your site as follows.

You can view our Christmas Card in 3D at home by scanning (or clicking) the QR code on your mobile device.


SOLIDWORKS, primarily known for engineering and industrial design, proves to be a versatile tool for unleashing creativity in unconventional ways. By following these steps, you can craft personalized letters and unique cards that showcase your imagination and design skills. Whether you’re creating a heartfelt letter or a special card for an occasion, SOLIDWORKS opens up a world of possibilities for expressing yourself through design.

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