How to Export Bodies from Parts to Assemblies in SOLIDWORKS?
18 April 2024 3 mins to read

Multi-body parts can be easily transformed into separate part files using the “Save Bodies” feature in SOLIDWORKS. The multi-body part option provides a significant advantage in the SOLIDWORKS working environment. The variety of features available in part mode allows for detailed designs to be generated without the need to create an assembly.

In our scenario, we are working with a plumbing part. Regardless of your part’s nature, creating an assembly from a multi-body part is a straightforward process in SOLIDWORKS.


The “Save Bodies” function simplifies the export of each body into its own part file, providing the option to create an assembly from the selected bodies. Before proceeding with body saving, make sure to prepare your model for export. To optimize efficiency, it’s recommended to give explicit names to the bodies you intend to save, as the body name will be used as the default file name for the new part.

In the “Solid Bodies” folder, select a body, then use the F2 key on your keyboard to assign a new name to each of them.

You can access the “Save Bodies” function by right-clicking on the “Solid Bodies” folder or by navigating through the Insert > Features > Save Bodies tab.

Within this function, you can select the bodies to export by activating the appropriate checkboxes. By clicking the “Save” icon, all bodies in the file will be automatically chosen.

To include visual appearances in the new part files, check the corresponding box. If this option is not enabled, all visual features of the bodies in the new files will be excluded.


To export the bodies as an assembly, press the “Browse” button to specify the desired destination folder and assign a name to the assembly.

By confirming with the green checkmark, you save the bodies as parts, subsequently integrating them into an assembly by positioning them relative to the assembly’s origin, thus ensuring their precise insertion.

These newly created parts are generated as derived parts, establishing an external relationship between the new parts and the original parent model. Within the parent model, the “Save Bodies” command is represented as an item in the tree, thus preserving historical traceability.

In summary, the “Save Bodies” function in SOLIDWORKS offers the following advantages:
  • Easy export of part bodies to separate part files.
  • Simplified creation of assemblies from multi-body parts.
  • Efficient management of parts and assemblies.
  • Increased flexibility for modifying and updating designs.

By using this function, you can streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration within your SOLIDWORKS projects.

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