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25 February 2024 3 mins to read

Would you like to give your customers an unforgettable experience by bringing your products to the world of virtual reality? If your answer is yes, this blog post is for you. Moreover, the opportunity to get a 10% discount on the Simlab Composer program, which will allow you to quickly transition to virtual reality, is waiting for you.

What does it offer?

SimLab VR

The first challenge with VR software is the need to know a coding language. In Simlab, you can realize everything you dream of with simple steps without the need to know any coding language. With Champion Xperience difference, you can have Simlab Composer at an affordable price and start creating your VR environment quickly.

Simlab 3D Render

With Simlab Composer you can quickly create realistic images or animated realistic videos of your designs.

Learn More About Simlab 3D Render

In addition to allowing you to make Simlab Mechanical animation, you can work in an integrated way with SOLIDWORKS software and automatically transfer your animation in SOLIDWORKS to Simlab with a single click.

Simlab 3D PDF

With Simlab Composer you can prepare assembly manuals for your products. Moreover, by adding interactive animations to your 3D PDFs, you can have the privilege of giving your customers a unique experience.

Learn More About Simlab 3D PDF

How to use Simlab Discount Code?

To compare products, simply visit the Simlab Composer page via the provided link. Once you’ve selected the product that aligns with your needs, apply the coupon code at checkout to receive a 10% discount.

Simlab Composer Pricing
10% Discount Code: CHAMPVR!

How can I access training sessions ? 

You have the option to access Simlab’s training sessions at no cost FREE through either Simlab’s website or their Udemy channel.

Simlab Composer Tutorials
Simlab Udemy 
Champion Xperience – Simlab Composer Tutorial

Need assistance with your Project?

If you’re short on time to learn the program or lack a dedicated team, don’t worry. Simply send the specifics of your project to the email address provided below.


Please describe your project, outlining your visual requirements. Once we’ve evaluated your project, we’ll schedule a meeting with your team or company to provide a customized quote. As the Simlab VR Viewer Program is complimentary, you’ll find it convenient to leverage the project we deliver for your business endeavors.

Thanks for considering Champion Xperience.
We appreciate your trust in us.

Champion Xperience Team

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